Caribbean Report 17-01-2002



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. With general elections months away in Jamaica, crime is shaping-up to be a key issue for voters. The Jamaican government announces plans to overhaul its police and military, to fight rising violent crime (00:29-03:44)
3. At a conference in Operation Trident the Scotland Yard Unit which targets so called black on black gun crime, the Mayor of London compares the methods of the British capital’s armed gangs, to those used by the Mafia in the United States a century ago (03:45-04:22)
4. There is growing cooperation between Cuba and Interpol with Interpol promising to help connect Havana to a global police network, battling international terrorism and other crime. Orin Gordon reports (04:23-05:57)
5. In a highly unusual move the American Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, is to help the authorities in Cuba investigate the killing of five people on the island (05:57-06:30)
6. The Saint Lucia government and the company managing banana exports in the Windward Islands, WIBDECO, appear to be on a collision course over a decision by the company to begin loading bananas at a single local port (06:31-08:56)
7. Voters in the five islands of the Netherland Antilles will cast ballots for a new parliament tomorrow after a campaign dominated by constitutional and economic issues (08:57-11:46)
8. In Philipsburg, Saint Martin, a policeman shoots to death his estranged girlfriend and then kills himself (11:47-12:12)
9. The Montserrat government is pushing ahead with its plan to develop a temporary air strip in the north of the island after Bramble Airport’s forced closure in June, 1997 because of volcanic activity (12:13-14:39)
10. The West Indies Cricket Board announces the itinerary for India’s fourth coming tour of the Caribbean which will include five test matches and 5 one-day internationals starting on April 11th (14:40-15:25)