Railway Office. Trinidad, B.W.I.




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Muir, Marshall and Co., Trinidad


Photo shows a Railway Building, Trinidad, B.W.I. which houses its offices. There are persons walking the streets outside the building. A man is clad in East Indian wear and a lady dressed in a long dress is wearing a hat. There are also 2 carriages and a view of the tram running in front the building. Affixed to the postcard is a Trinidad one penny stamp. The addressee is Linetta Fleet.


Colour: Black and White; Style: Landscape; Other: Unbordered, Divided
Funding for this project has been provided by Mrs. Irma E. Goldstraw.

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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Buildings--Trinidad and Tobago, Railroad stations--Trinidad and Tobago, 1909, Railroads--Buildings and structures--Trinidad and Tobago, Railroad terminals--Trinidad and Tobago, Historic buildings--Trinidad and Tobago, Architecture--Trinidad and Tobago, Columns--Trinidad and Tobago, Columns, Concrete--Trinidad and Tobago, Overhead electric lines--Trinidad and Tobago, Carriages and carts--Trinidad and Tobago, Transportation--Trinidad and Tobago, Men--Trinidad and Tobago, Women--Trinidad and Tobago, East Indians--Trinidad and Tobago, Clothing and dress--Trinidad and Tobago, Hats--Trinidad and Tobago, Headgear--Trinidad and Tobago, Ethnic costume--Trinidad and Tobago, Trees--Trinidad and Tobago, Roads--Trinidad and Tobago, Streets--Trinidad and Tobago, Street-railroads--Trinidad and Tobago, Railroads--Trinidad and Tobago