Caribbean Report 02-08-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. United States Navy resumes bombing exercises on the Island of Vieques. Gary Tomernon reports (00:28-03:23)
3. Windward Islands banana industry official says workers would be consulted on industry cuts. Chairman of the Windward Islands Farmers Association Renwick Rose is interviewed (03:24-05:34)
4. United States Supreme Court could set new limits on the increasingly controversial issue of capital punishment. Emma Joseph reports (05:35-07:26)
5. Vulnerability of Caribbean institutions to international fraudsters has been showing up this week in three different locations. Dan Mitchell of America's Heritage Foundation is interviewed and Bertrand Niles reports (07:26-09:32)
6. Opposition Party in Trinidad and Tobago has declined to speculate on the possibility of forming a government after a court decision on Tuesday went against a constitutional motion sort by the ruling party. Senator Glenda Morean is interviewed (09:33-12:01)
7. Emancipation Day was celebrated yesterday in Trinidad and Tobago. Khafra Kambon of the Emancipation Committee, An Orisha Expert Sam Baja and Carnival Researcher and Portrayer Brian Honore are interviewed. Raymond Edwards reports (12:02-15:22)