Caribbean Report 28-10-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:00 - 00:40)
2. Transforming the CARICOM secretariat into action focused organization to meet the needs of 21st century and establishment of Caribbean Court of Justice were major decisions taken at the 7th Special CARICOM Summit in Chaguaramas Trinidad. CARICOM Secretary General Edwin Carrington discusses the decision to modernize the Secretariat including establishment of research unit. President Bharath Jagdeo comments on the need to diversify and devolution of decision making bodies. Tony Fraser reports (00:26 – 03:39)
3. CARICOM leaders at just concluded called on Guyanese leaders to meet to resolve political 1997 elections. Dr. Kenny Anthony discusses result of assessment trip in Guyana and response by political parties with BBC correspondent Pete Nimvalle (03: 40 – 06:42)
4. A Commonwealth team of Foreign Ministers met with ousted government in Pakistan. Officials made a recommendation to expel Pakistan from the Commonwealth. Pakistan Foreign Affairs Tariq Altaf discusses the political impasse. Orin Gordon reports (06:43 – 09:07)
5. French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin concluded a visit to Martinique with talks focusing on unemployment, banana prices, foreign relations with English-speaking Caribbean countries. Jessica Robertson discusses inter-island relations with journalist Marie Claude Celeste (09:08 - 11:25)
6. The state of WI cricket is discussed at CARICOM mini summit in Chaguaramas Trinidad. Reporter Tony Fraser analyses cricket and its decline in Barbados with cricket historian Prof Hilary Beckles who shares his view on several issues. This includes intellectual preparedness, planning, strategic adjustment to bring cricketers into educational discourse, professionalism, the role of the West Indies Cricket board, social and cultural impact of cricket (11:25 – 15:28)