Red House, Trinidad, B.W.I.




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Muir, Marshall and Co., Trinidad


Exterior view of the "The Red House" so named since 1897. It houses the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago and was built 1844 to 1848. During the British colonial period it was call the Government Offices. In 1903 the building was burnt by fire during the water roits and rebuilt 1904 to 1907. Another historic gem, the Old Fire Station building, seen here on the far left horizon with a tower was originally built 1896 to 1897, renovated 1999 to 2000 and today forms part of the National Library Complex, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Postcard number i 16063.


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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, [1935], Cities and towns--Trinidad and Tobago--Port of Spain, Buildings--Trinidad and Tobago, Public buildings--Trinidad and Tobago, Historic buildings--Trinidad and Tobago, Architecture--Trinidad and Tobago, Windows--Trinidad and Tobago, Balconies--Trinidad and Tobago, Towers--Trinidad and Tobago, Streets--Trinidad and Tobago, Pavements--Trinidad and Tobago, Overhead electric lines--Trinidad and Tobago, Electric lines--Trinidad and Tobago, Hedges--Trinidad and Tobago, Fire stations--Trinidad and Tobago, Offices--Trinidad and Tobago