Caribbean Report 12-07-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Business leaders seek a political truce in Jamaica. The Human Rights Organisation Amnesty International today threw its support behind the efforts of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica to help resolve the West Kingston crisis. President of the Human Rights Association of Jamaica Dennis Daly is interviewed and Orin Gordon reports (00:27-05:12)
3. Experts call for the closure of the Trinidad and Tobago Sugar Industry. Finance Minister Gerald Yetming is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (05:13-07:23)
4. Abner Louima a Haitian immigrant in New York gets a nine million dollar settlement in a police brutality law suit. Attorney Sanford Rubenstein is interviewed (07:24-09:49)
5. OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria and Caricom's Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdeen are in Haiti trying to facilitate further talks in electoral reform between the governing Lavalas Party and the Opposition Convergence. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and former United States Ambassador to Haiti Ernest Preeg are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (09:50-13:13)
6. In Britain, a Report into a race relations in Bradford has criticised growing segregation in the North Western City which saw extensive rioting last weekend. Lord Herman Ouseley who wrote the report is interviewed and Tanya Green-Reid reports (13:14-15:27)