Caribbean Report 16-09-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:22)
2. Cuban economy prepares for its worst sugar harvest in half a century. Cuban born Economic Professor Antonio Jorge, Florida International University is interviewed and Pascual Fletcher reports (00:23-05:55)
3. Caribbean officials have been talking to their counterparts in Antigua today. It is the 2nd meeting of the Caribbean United States Committee on Finance, Development and the Environment. Caricom Assistant Secretary General Byraon Blake is interviewed (05:56-08:13)
4. Jamaica takes a first step towards closer ties with Latin America. President Carlos Menem of Argentina and Prime Minister P.J. Patterson are interviewed. Carol Orr reports (08:14-10:53)
5. As Caribbean governments battle against the trade in illegal drugs one regional expert has been outlining the financial cost of drug addicts to the community. Glenroy Straughn of the Barbados National Council for Substance Abuse and Canadian-based Pyhsician Anthony McFarlane are interviewed. Darryl Dean reports (10:54-15:16)