Caribbean Report 03-01-1992


In this report relations between Trinidad and Barbados are reported on, while the Trinidadian Prime Minister compares the Trinidadian and Jamaican economy on the issue of foreign exchange controls. A subsequent segment compares the decisions of the Jamaican Prime MInister to those made by other Caribbean leaders. Views are expressed on the stepping down of the Puerto Rican governor and a segment reports on trade relations which Mexico wishes to establish with the Caribbean. The dispute over a cargo of Colombian oil destined for the Bahamas but ended up in Haiti is finally reported on.


Table of Contents

1. Headline news (00:00-00:33)
2. Report on Barbadian Prime Minister's visit to Trinidad (00:34-00:51)
3. Barbadian Prime Minister's address to outgoing Trinidadian Prime Minister (00:52-01:06)
4. Tony Fraser reports on meeting between Barbadian and Trinidadian Prime Ministers (01:07-01:48)
5. Trinidadian Prime Minister, Patrick Manning speak on relations with Barbados (01:49-02:15)
6. Tony Fraser continues report on meeting between Barbadian and Trinidadian Prime Ministers (02:16-02:32)
7. Report on the stepping down of Puerto Rican governor, Raphael Colon (02:33-03:04)
8. Interview wih Juan Manuel Garcia Passalacqua, Puerto Rican political analysts (03:05-05:38)
9. Report on pending address by Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley (05:39-06:04)
10. Interview with Canute James, Caribbean correspondent for the Financial Times (06:05-07:58)
11. Report on the Trinidadian government's decision on removal of foreign exchange controls (07:59-08:18)
12. Trinidadian Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, compare the Trinidadian and Jamaican economies (08:19-09:25)
13. Report on Caribbean and Mexican economic relations (09:26-09:56)
14. Interview with Pedro Noyola, Mexico's Deputy Commerce Secretary (09:57-10:35)
15. Interview with Pat Thompson, Chairman of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (10:36-14:00)
16. Report on dispute over cargo of oil from Colombia (14:01-14:35)