Caribbean Report 19-07-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:40)
2. As a result of Cuba’s appeal for financial help at the Latin American Summit in Mexico, the Latin American countries are under pressure from the United States to deny Cuban assistance until Cuba abandons Castro and joins the free market system. Interview with Cuban expert, Professor Fred Halliday of the London School of Economics (00:41-04:12)
3. The third conference of the Association of Caribbean Economists ended today in the Dominican Republic. Ian Farley reports from Santo Domingo that the economists at the conference exchanged views on how the region fits into the emerging trading blocs in Europe, the Pacific and North America (04:13-05:53)
4. A private initiative has been launched by the Jubilee Committee for the total cancellation of debts for nations with GNP of under $500 per head by the year 2000. Martin Dent, Chairman of the Jubilee Committee and former lecturer in Politics at the Keele University is interviewed (05:54-08:04)
5. Prominent Guyanese businessman and newly elected president of the Guyana Manufacturers Association, Yesu Persaud, states that the private sector must be the engine of economic growth and any future government must be committed to a vibrant private sector. Pat Whitehorne interview Yesu Persaud (08:05-12:00)
6. After two attempts in one week, Suriname is still without an elected president. Chandra van Bennendijk reports that next week’s vote could be successful since two of the parties are holding talks to swing the vote in favor of a common candidate (12:01-13:40)
7. Canadian born sprinter, Ben Johnson, has given up hope of winning the 100 meters title at the World Athletics Championship in Tokyo next month. Mark Lee, sports commentator with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, comments on the reaction of the Canadians to Johnson’s current performance (13:41-14:48)