Caribbean Report 05-12-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. Relations between Kingston and Washington cool as Prime Minister P.J. Patterson demands US evidence of government connection with the drug trade. The Jamaican Parliament has passed the controversial money laundering bill after a lengthy session in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Barbados says it will not sign the shipriders drug agreement in its current form. Political Scientist Rupert Lewis, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, Prime Minister Owen Arthur are interviewed. Bertrand Niles and Jennifer Grant report (00:35-07:33)
3. Fears that their daughters would be abused a handful of Montserratians refuse to move to Northern shelters. Montserratians, Bertrand Osborne and Governor Frank Savage are interviewed. Malcolm Brabant reports (07:34-11:53)
4. African American Congresswoman Maxine Waters says her visit to St. Lucia can make a difference to efforts to try to convince the American government to change its position on preferential access for Windward's bananas. Congresswoman Maxine Waters is interviewed (11:54-15:25)