Caribbean Report 22-04-1992



Report starts midway into first news item.

Table of Contents

1. In St. Lucia, further to the allegation of Prime Minister John Compton’s writing love letters to a teenager, the Canadian High Commission has confirmed the existence of official correspondence from Mr. Compton on behalf of the teenager whom he stated was his niece. Opposition leader Julian Hunte says he intends to pursue the matter (00:00-02:55)
2. Keith Smith, editor of the Trinidad and Tobago Express comments on Prime Minister John Compton’s statement regarding the separation of his public life from his private life (02:56-04:07)
3. The United States government issues a travel warning to its citizens planning to travel to Barbados due to an increase in criminal activity on the island. President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourist Association, Gordon Seale talks about the effect of this advisory on the tourist industry (04:08-06:25)
4. Barbados’ Central Bank Governor, Kurleigh King forecasts small growth for the island’s economy (06:26-06:50)
5. Caribbean shippers are worried about a United States government decision to put pressure on foreign ships trading with Cuba. President of the Trinidad and Tobago Shipping Association, Raoul Badaloo says that the matter will be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Caribbean Shipping Association in the Cayman Islands (06:51-10:34)
6. Guyana born British Member of Parliament, Bernie Grant enters the race for the deputy leadership of Britain’s labour party in a bid to swing the opposition party back to its former ideals (10:35-12:18)
7. The Organization of American States halts plans for a visit by a five member mission to Haiti as the Haitian parliament admits that it cannot guarantee the safety of the delegation (12:19-12:48)
8. In boxing, Frank Bruno knocks out Cuban Jose Ribalta in the second round of their ten round fight at Wembley (12:49-13:00)