The Effect of a Multi-User Virtual Environment on Student Causal Reasoning Ability, Ecological Worldview and Conceptual Change



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This study sought to determine the effect of a multi-user virtual environment (EcoMUVE) on the ecological worldviews and reasoning abilities of students at a secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. Data were collected through a survey administered to 15 male Form 3 students, whose pre- and post-scores were analysed. Supplementary data were obtained through an anonymous questionnaire. Analysis of the data revealed that: 1) not only was the EcoMUVE strategy an effective teaching tool for enhancing student causal reasoning ability, but it was also effective in teaching the concept of changes over time; 2) the strategy had little impact on the students’ ecological worldview; and 3) the strategy was effective in improving student learning and facilitating border crossing.


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Student attitudes, Action research, Secondary school students, Environmental education, Science education, Teaching techniques, Concept formation, Concept teaching, Case studies, Trinidad and Tobago