Caribbean Report 05-01-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Jamaica death row inmates to have their cases reviewed between now and the end of February (00:31-4:41 )
3. Prime Minister, Patrick Manning appeals to union help in his economic plans (04:41–09:02)
4. Britain’s Princess Diana left Nevis after a high profile holiday, there was a lot of publicity and a massive international press core that followed her to the island. General Manager of Von Radio Nevis - Evered 'Webbo' Herbert states that the royal visit has helped to boost the island’s immediate economic interest for the tourism sector and is expected to have long term benefits for future increased bookings. Keith Betton Head of Corporate Affairs, Association of Britain’s Travel Agents also shared Evered Herbert’s sentiments (09:03:12:46)
5. Rohan Khanai described Brian Lara’s performance as one of the greatest knocks he has seen in test cricket. Brian Lara continued his record breaking ways, the highest score in the West Indies partnership of 277 – the highest score of a West Indies player in a test against Australia and the Sydney grounds. Captain Richie Richardson scored 109 as the West Indies put on a gladiatorial display by scoring 488 (12:47-14:41)
6. Three explosions were reported in Haiti’s capital of Port au Prince overnight – residents in Port-au-Prince said that homemade bombs were used – the French News Agency reported that there were no injuries (14:42-15:09)