Caribbean Report 15-10-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:53)
2. At the end of Jimmy Carter’s visit to Georgetown yesterday, Desmond Hoyte, President of Guyana, agrees to major changes in Guyana’s electoral system. Jimmy Carter notes that the concessions made by Guyana is a historic step in proving to the world that Guyana is intent on ensuring a process of free and fair elections. Neville Duncan, political analyst and UWI lecturer, expresses his discontentment with the fact that the electoral reforms in Guyana were effected by the US and not the Caricom countries (00:54-07:56)
3. The ban on ousted Haitian president, Leslie Manigat, has been lifted, despite his refusal to denounce his candidacy for the upcoming elections (07:57-08:53)
4. Is it an amnesty or is it a pardon? That was the question raised by Karl Hudson-Phillips, Queen’s Counsel, at the constitutional motion filed by the Jamaat al Muslimeen. Debbie Ransome reports from Trinidad and Tobago (08:54-10:53)
5. The commanders of the Dominican armed forces issued a joint statement underlining their support for the democratic system and reaffirmed their loyalty to President Balaguer. Jean Michel Caroit reports that the publication of the statement was prompted by rumors of a military coup (10:54-12:20)
6. In a radio broadcast, the leader of the opposition in Jamaica, Edward Seaga, issued a stern warning to anyone who attempts to create more internal problems in the Jamaica Labour Party. He also outlined his reasons for taking action against the five disgruntled MPs in his party, known as the Gang of Five (12:21-14:55)