Caribbean Report 13-02-2003

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Niles, Bertram (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Fraser, Tony (correspondent)
Blann, Susie (correspondent)
Nunes, Neil (correspondent)
Gonzalves, Ralph (interviewee)
Sears, Alfred (interviewee)
Blunkett, David (interviewee)
Wescott-Williams, Sarah (interviewee)
Simmons, Ernest (interviewee)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Bertram Niles (00:00-00:27)
2. Ten years after the proposal was first made, CARICOM leaders must re-think the establishment of a commission to ensure that the integration group can implement its decisions. The proposal is discussed at a special meeting of CARICOM Heads of Government as a follow-up to an initiative of Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Patrick Manning. Ralph Gonzalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent is interviewed and the BBC’s Tony Fraser reports (00:28-03:32)
3. The Financial Action Task Force, the watch dog of global money laundering is about to announce its latest list of non-cooperative countries which includes two Caribbean nations. Alfred Sears, Attorney General of the Bahamas who is also Chairman of the Financial Action Task Force is hopeful that one of the two will be de-listed soon (03:33-06:50)
4. A major political standoff in the Netherlands Antilles threatens the future of the five-island federal government and it is about the handing over of shares of the national public utilities company GEBE Power Plant. Sarah Wescott-Williams, Sint Maarten Democratic Party leader and coalition partner is interviewed and Ernest Simmons, State Secretary explains his ideas for a resolution. The BBC’s Neil Nunes reports (06:51-09:27)
5. In Britain, police officers stand guard at Gatwick airport where the north terminal was closed for six hours due to a terrorist alert. According to Britain’s Terrorism Act, police arrested a thirty-seven year old Venezuelan man when he arrived from Columbia with a live grenade in his luggage. David Blunkett, Home Secretary describes the incident as a real and serious threat. Bertram Niles reports (09:28-10:04)
6. Cuban exiles in Florida appear more willing than before to have dialogue with Castro’s government according to two new polls. Joe Garcia, Executive Director of the Cuban American National Foundation expresses his views about whether this shift could become problematic. The BBC’s Bertram Niles reports (10:05-13:26)
7. Recently released census figures in Britain show that the number of people from ethnic minorities raised from six percent to nine percent between 1991 and 2001. The census also reflects that a new category of mixed race has been added to the census form. BBC correspondent Susie Blann reports (13:27-14:50)
8. In cricket, West Indies Captain Carl Hooper is desperate to find a bowler to stand the floor when his team concedes. This follows the West Indies’ first 2003 Cricket World Cup defeat by New Zealand. BBC correspondent Bertram Niles reports (14:51-15:25)