Caribbean Report 15-10-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. The opposition Jamaica Labour Party calls for the resignation of National Security Minister K. D. Knights as the country faces another upsurge in violent crime. Gary Allen reports. (00:31-02:26)
3. University of the West Indies Lecturer in Government Dr. Brian Meeks believes Jamaica’s current crime wave shows that politicians have created a monster they can no longer control. (02:27-05:40)
4. The likelihood exists that this week’s CARICOM Council meeting will endorse the recommendation for a 35% top rate for the Common External Tariff. Major Anthony Robinson, President of the Jamaican Manufacturers Association comments. (05:41-08:33)
5. Barbadian Roman Catholic priest Fr. Harcourt Blackett responds to comments made by Pope John Paul during his visit to the Dominican Republic in which he stressed church unity and called for Haitians to rally around the bishops many of whom are bitterly opposed to President Aristide. (08:34-11:47)
6. Sharief Khan reports on Rudy Collins, Chairman of Guyana’s Election Commission, who plans to step out of the limelight having brought Guyana through a free and fair election. (11:48-14:01)
7. The Caribbean Banana Exporters Association opens a new press office in London to try and redress the imbalance in the propaganda war waged in Europe this summer by the Latin Americans. (14:02-14:48)