Caribbean Report 08-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:46-01:18)
2. Roland Butcher joins Phillip DeFreitas in abandoning the rebel tour of South Africa. Reactions by Roland Butcher; Dominica's Prime Minister Eugenia Charles; and BBC Cricket Correspondent, Christoper Martin-Jenkins (01:19-06:39)
3. Financial news (06:40-07:33)
4. The Cuban government charges that Washington has rejected its offer of cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking. Lionel Martin reports (07:34-09:43)
5. The Dominican Republic and the US move towards closer cooperation in the fight against drugs by signing an agreement to end the laundering of drugs money. The Tax Information Exchange Agreement was just signed. Jean-Michel Caroit reports (09:44-11:36)
6. Former Grenadian Prime Minister, Sir Eric Gairy plays the role of "Ringside Operator". Pat Whitehorne interviews Sir Eric Gairy (11:37-15:44)