Caribbean Report 11-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Brian Lara has been included in in the West Indies cricket squad for the upcoming tour of England, despite reports that he has retired. (00:26-05:54)
3. The US Senate today gave final approval to legislation extending billions of dollars in trade benefits to countries of the Caribbean, Africa, and Central America. They also handed President Clinton a rare trade policy victory. The legislation will grant over 70 countries greater duty-free access to US markets. (05:55-07:59)
4. The second UK-Caribbean Trade Forum in London has already yielded benefits for regional countries as funding will be made available for assistance with law enforcement, including police training and drug trafficking. Other matters to be addressed include economic development, diversification and trade, financial and judicial matters. (08:00-09:59)
5. The Grenada Council of Churches is trying to mediate in the dispute between Grenada Broadcasting Network and the Technical and Allied Workers Union. Both sides have agreed on a two-man committee to investigate the GBN charges of sabotage against its former employees. Teachers have also rejected a 4% salary increase offer by the government. (10:00-11:45)
6. In Atlanta, the decision on whether Elian Gonzalez should stay in the US could take several weeks. His Miami relatives said he would be subjected to persecution should he return to Cuba. However, attorneys for his father said he is too young to apply for asylum. (11:46-12:13)
7. Cuba is the fastest-growing tourist destination in the Caribbean with an expectation of over two million visitors this year. However, the rest of the Caribbean does not see Cuba as competition but as cooperation in terms of multi-destinations. (12:14-15:31)