Caribbean Report 20-03-2002



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. The new Haitian Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune, outlines his priorities to create conditions that will allow the opposition to participate in the efforts to resolve Haiti’s political stalemate. He is seen by the opposition Convergence and some civic groups as intolerant of other views but he tells Ken Richards he is equal to the task (00:29-03:29)
3. After arrests imprisonment and threats Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados sit down to negotiate a new fishing treaty in Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago’s Foreign Minister Career Diplomat Knowlson Gift and leader of the Barbados delegation Sir Harold St. John commit their governments to the negotiating table. Tony Fraser reports (03:30-06:04)
4. Belize is the latest Caribbean country being removed from the blacklist of countries deemed to be uncooperative tax havens. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says Belize has made a commitment to make its tax practices more open. Orin Gordon reports (06:05-07:51)
5. Commonwealth General Secretary, Don McKinnon, speaks on the decision to suspend Zimbabwe from the Commonwealth while Morgan Tsvangirai, is charged with treason. Zimbabwe’s government and opposition agree to discuss a reconciliation plan and Saint Kitts, Nevis Prime Minister Denzil Douglas tells Ken Richards the question of land reform is why Zimbabwe was able to attract support from African and Caribbean countries (07:52-10:54)
6. Alex Bruno sets up the Pampo Foundation to champion the cause of his fellow Dominican, 127 year-old Elizabeth Ma Pampo Israel and asks the Dominica government to make a greater effort to get the Guinness Book of World Records to recognise her as the oldest person in the world, but the publishers of the Guinness Book are unconvinced. Conrad Hamilton explains (10:55-13:29)
7. Former West Indian Captain and coach Sir Vivian Richards says the team’s fortunes are at an all-time low, however the West Indies Cricket Board hopes the Saint Georges University academy venture in Grenada will help to lift the game in the region. Bertram Niles spoke to Dr. Rudi Webster in charge of the academy who says two of their first intake have graduated to full West Indies duty: batsmen Ryan O'Neal Hinds and Runako Shakur Morton (13:30-15:17)