Caribbean Report 14-01-2000

Table of Contents
1. Headlines: (00:00-00:30)
2. The Opposition Party in Anguilla does not share the country’s Chief Minister Hubert Hughes allegations that Britain is trying to get him out of office. On Wednesday, the Chief Minister called an election, 4 years ahead of schedule, and announced that his United Party will contest all 7 seats in the March 10 elections. Finance Minister, Victor Banks of the Anguilla Democratic Party resigned over the Chief Minister’s leadership style. This led to breakdown of the coalition between his party and the Chief Minister’s Anguilla United Party. (00:31-03:50)
3. Fifty five candidates will be fielded in the Dominca’s elections on January 31 by the 3 recognized political parties. With elections less than 3 weeks away, political campaigns are expected to intensify, since the candidates are officially declared. (03:51-06:05)
4. Talks will be held in Brussels next month to decide on trade and aid agreement between the European Union and the Pacific group of countries. The EU is adamant that a clause of good governance be written into the agreement. (06:06-07:55)
5. Robert Pastor, a former Director of U. S. Affairs on Latin America and the Caribbean is advocating for closer economic and political integration in CARICOM in order to get better deals with the U.S. (07:56-10:10)
6. Caribbean travel agents reacted angrily to a one third cut in their commission by American Airlines. The promotion of BWIA and Air Jamaica is one proposal being considered for Trinidad and Tobago to continue to act as a hub for passengers on the U.S. to Puerto Rico route. Mr. Samuels thinks the alternative is for them “to find new creative ways to provide additional services”. (10:11-12:45)
7. Miami’s Haitian community has hailed a decision by the U.S. Attorney General to grant 2 Haitian children humanitarian parole. This allows the 2 to leave Haiti and arrive in the U.S. to reside with their mother for 3 months while her political asylum claim is being decided. The children survived a 4 day ocean crossing from Haiti to Miami in an over-loaded fishing boat with 400 other persons. (12:46-14:51)
8. Venezuela has decided to disallow further U.S. troops from entering their country to assist them with their recovery programme after flooding. The U.S expressed surprise. (14:52-15:26)