Caribbean Report 10-12-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Major American oil company Mobil gets involved in the banana trade dispute. Mobil's International Government Relations Manager Bob Hayes is interviewed and Leslie Goffe reports (00:27-03:53)
3. Parliamentary Representative for Antigua and Barbuda Hilborn Frank and nine other persons from the island appeared in a Magistrate's Court in Antigua this afternoon. They are charged for malicious damage done to property owned by UNICORN Development Ltd. Parliamentary Representative Hilbon Frank is interviewed (03:54-05:17)
4. Cuban authorities break up street protests to mark International Human Rights Day. Meanwhile, the regional grouping of human rights bodies, Caribbean Rights is calling on Caribbean governments to become more than mere signatories to the United Nations Conventions on fundamental human rights on the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Declarations of Human Rights. Flo O'Connor, Human Rights, Jamaica is interviewed. Pascual Fletcher reports (05:18-11:07)
5. Haitian exiles in France step up their campaign for the trial of Jean-Claude Duvalier. Editor of a Haitian Affairs Newspaper in Paris Greg Chamberlain and Florence Alexis, daughter of the author, Jacques Stephen Alexis, are interviewed (11:08-15:04)