Caribbean Report 03-08-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Puerto Ricans step up the campaign to remove the United States Navy from Vieques. John Line reports (00:29-04:15)
3. Pressure amounts on the American President to extend a possible amnesty to illegal Caribbean immigrants. Barry Wilkinson reports (04:16-06:18)
4. Later this month the United Nations will host a conference on racism in South Africa. The United Nations World Conference on Racism will have its share of street protest if activist planning for that event have their way. Leslie Goffe and Ken Richards report (06:19-10:18)
5. Figures just out has shown that American unemployment has not risen substantially despite wide spread expectations that it would. The authorities in the United States are to allow twenty-two Cuban migrants who were rescued when their boat capsized off the Florida coast to enter the country. Megan Jones reports (10:19-12:12)
6. Barbadians gear up for a big weekend of Crop Over celebrations. Ricky Jordan reports (12:13-15:37)