Caribbean Report 21-07-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:29)
2. In Haiti, President Renee Preval, acting on the advice of an independent electoral council has approved a law calling for parliamentary elections in November. This decision is expected to resolve the political stalemate which has paralysed the country since the disputed election results in 1997. A CARICOM team headed by St. Vincent Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell is in Haiti on a fact finding mission. Correspondent Michael Norton reports on the effect of the new law on the election process (00:30 – 03:28)
3. Jamaica’s High Commission David Mirfield in London discusses the long term effects of a call by the British Conservative party for tougher immigration controls on Jamaican’s entering the country as a long-term crime fighting measure. Conservative MP David Lidington analyses the imposition of the controversial visa restrictions on travelers from Jamaica. Chairman of the People’s National Party affiliates in London Julian Robinson calls for a long-term socio-economic solution in integrating ethnic minorities into a multiracial Britain. Ken Richards reports on the political and ethical upheavals of yardie violence in Great Britain (03:29 -07:43)
4. In Grenada the US Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean is defending US policy to deport criminals who are not US citizens back to their country of birth. Grenada Assistant Commissioner of Police James Clarkson echoes concerns of enacting the new policy. Lew Smith reports (07:44 – 09:34)
5. Guyana’s Prime minister Janet Jagan left Guyana to travel to the US to undergo further medical tests for what government officials describe as a heart problem. In her absence Sam Hines will act as President. Colin Smith reports on growing concern of Mrs. Jagan health since she was hospitalized on June 30th (09:35 – 11:19)
6. Suspended deputy leader of the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) Michael Henry discusses his suspension for one year and perceived threat to party leader Edward Seaga. JLP General Secretary Audley Shaw discusses the issues of leadership and discipline within the party (11:20 – 14:11)
7. Cuba announced legislation to control building and repair of small boats around its shores. This is part of a government led effort in Havana to curtail illegal migration into the US. The new law requires citizens to obtain permission from port captains for operations and movement involving boats. Failure to comply can result in heavy fines and confiscation of vessels (14:12 – 15:21)