Changing “I Can’t” to “I Can”: Fostering “Growth Mindsets” to Improve Resiliency and Academic Performance at an All-Girl, Urban Secondary School in East Trinidad



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This study investigated “growth mindsets” among students at an all-girls secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. The participants in the study were 111 students from Forms 1-3, 97 parents, 17 teachers, 3 heads of department, the vice principal and one dean at the school under study. Data were collected through interviews with three students, three parents, and three teachers. Other data were obtained through the administration of questionnaires after the employment of a psychological intervention. The findings revealed that among the students, there was a change from fixed mindsets to growth mindsets. The teachers reported a difference in the learning attitude and behaviour of the students whom they noted were more willing to ask for help, were more motivated to learn a different topic, showed greater initiative in preparation for class and projects, and were more willing to persist with difficult work.


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