Caribbean Report 15-12-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Guyana held its first free and fair elections for twenty-eight years in 1993 now five years later could this become an established pattern? Lord Amery, Chairman of the British Parliament Human Rights Group, Janet Jagan and Former President Desmond Hoyte are interviewed. Colin Smith reports (00:28-04:36)
3. Things did not run smoothly today in Jamaica as police officers and soldiers tried to cast their votes ahead of Thursday's general elections. Michael James, Chairman of Jamaica's Police Federation and Neville Graham, Public Information Officer for the electoral Office of Jamaica are interviewed (04:37-06:26)
4. In Britain a preliminary report published today criticises the police handling of the death of black teenager Stephen Lawrence of Jamaica parentage. Assistant Commissioner Ian Johnston is interviewed and Reeta Chakrabarti reports (06:27-07:59)
5. Fourteen people are still missing after the sinking of a Haitian boat over the weekend. It was illegally carrying passengers. E. Smith reports (08:00-09:03)
6. With polls closing in Guyana within an hour these were the questions being asked - were there any fears of violence in today's voting, the suitability of Janet Jagan to lead if her party wins the elections and the role race played in the elections campaign? Janet Jagan and David DeCaires, Editor of the Stabroek News are interviewed (09:04-15:30)