Teachers’ Perceptions of the eConnect and Learn Programme for Enhancing Teaching and Learning at a Secondary School: A Case Study



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This case study investigated teachers’ perceptions of the eConnect and Learn (eCAL) programme at a secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. Data were collected through interviews with seven teachers and observations. The results revealed that most of the teachers were of the view that the eCAL programme enhanced their teaching practices because it provided them with a variety of ways to deliver lessons. However, many of them believed that the programme had some negative effects on their students’ learning because it caused distraction. All of the participants indicated that there were barriers to the successful integration of the programme, which were hindering its positive effects on teaching and learning, such as inadequate infrastructure and facilities.


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Teacher attitudes, Secondary school teachers, Case studies, Perceptions, e-CAL programme, Computer uses in education, Information and communication technology, Trinidad and Tobago