Caribbean Report 21-01-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:27)
2. Owen Arthur was sworn in for a second term as the Prime Minister of Barbados after the landslide victory of his Barbados Labour Party in recently held elections. The Barbados Labour Party scored a 26/2 victory over David Thompsons’ Democratic Labour Party. Bertram Niles reports on how the size of the victory shocked the nation. Prime Minister Owen Arthur speaks on this trend of lopsided victories in general elections currently evidenced in the Caribbean, his plans to pursue constitutional reform in the island, seek membership in the OECS and pilot CARICOM into a single market economy (00:28 - 02:26)
3. In Grenada, the citizens are awaiting the announcement of Prime Minister Keith Mitchell new cabinet. Lew Smith reports on the implications of Keith Mitchell’s party retaining all fifteen seats. In the absence of a seated opposition the Democratic Labour Party resolved to enhance their ability to put forward viewpoints on public issues and vowed to take parliament to the people on the streets (02:27 - 05:57)
4. Governing parties in Jamaica, Grenada and Barbados have held on to power by increasing their majorities in parliament. Ken Richards discusses this growing trend in the Caribbean and the implication for the democratic process in these countries with two Caribbean experts Dr. Brian Meeks, Head of the Department of Government at the UWI Campus in Mona Jamaica, and political scientist Neville Duncan who is based at the UWI Campus in Cave Hill Barbados. Meeks and Duncan attributes this trend to stabilized economies, disorganized opposition lacking credibility, lack of 21st century proposals, visionary leaders, and a generational shift in voting patterns (05:58 - 10:59)
5. In London, the wife of a police chief criticized during the public enquiry into the investigation of the Stephen Lawrence murder has denied that the police chief is racist. Duwayne Brooks a key witness to the murder comments on living in fear for six years after the crime was committed, and being classed as a suspect and not as victim because he was black. Kimberly Andrew Thomas reports (11:00 – 12: 44)
6. Turks and Caicos islands have become part of the religious jurisdiction of a Catholic Archdiocese in the United States. Leslie Garth reports that the island now constitutes what the Catholic Church calls an independent mission in the canonical possession of the archdiocese in Newark New Jersey. Archdiocese official Michael Hurley comments on the benefits of the association to the Turks and Caicos Islands (12:45 - 15:00)
7. Thousand of faithful followers joined Roman Catholic bishops and clergy to converge to Mexico City on the eve of Pope John Paul II fourth visit to the catholic devout country (15:01- 15:32)