Caribbean Report 05-03-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:27)
2. Antigua's Parliament eases the way for the new controversial hotel complex on Guiana Island. Orin Gordon reports on the Parliamentary discussion (00:28-02:17)
3. In Guyana, Parliament held its first official session since last December controversial elections. Colin Smith reports on the Electory Audit CARICOM Agreement bill which gives the Audit Commission the power of the High Court (02:18-04:18)
4. The people of Puerto Rico move closer to a referendum on independence. Political scientist Jorge Benitez comments on why most Puerto Ricans are not interested in the status problem (04:19-06:53)
5. Police in the Eastern Caribbean are concerned about the printing of fake EC $100 bills which have turned up in Dominica (06:54-08:24)
6. The Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal heard an application from the St. Lucian government to take the commission of inquiry issue to Britain's Privy Council (08:25-09:09)
7. Caribbean leaders lobby for an extension of special trade arrangements worldwide. Prime Minister Denzil Douglas called for a unified stance by the countries of the ACP group (09:10-12:08)
8. The Assistant Secretary-General of the OAS, Christopher Thomas speaks at the opening of the group 50th anniversary conference. Business leader Ken Gordon spoke highly critical of the US role in trade relations in the region (12:09-15:15)