Caribbean Report 07-05-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Trinidadian government wins the battle to provide free life saving drugs to people with HIV/AIDS. Tony Fraser reports (00:28-03:11)
3. Further ethnic tension in Guyana as three people are found dead in a cane field. President Bharrat Jagdeo is interviewed and Colin Smith reports from Guyana (03:12-05:18)
4. In Grenada, a lawyer and newspaper columnist is blaming the attitude of the trade union movement for the existing sour relations between the movement and the government. Lawyer and Writer in the Grenadian Voice Lloyd Noel is interviewed (05:19-08:45)
5. Diplomatic fallout between Cuba and long time ally Argentina took another turn for the worst over the weekend. Emma Joseph reports (08:46-10:57)
6. People of Barbados will tomorrow witness the launch of a new centre aimed at spearheading the region's stride to address sustainable development issues. Chairman of Counterpart Caribbean Dr. Basil Springer is interviewed (10:58-14:03)
7. Port House inspectors and the Food Standard Agency in the United Kingdom are cracking down on what they describe as poor food standards served on airlines and cruises. Natalie Willaims reports (14:04-15:39)