Caribbean Report 22-07-2002



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. In Guyana, police have launched a manhunt for a group of bandits who have terrorised the town of Berbice. Two persons were shot and killed, and a number have been injured. Colin Smith reports from Georgetown that the attacks took place in apart of Georgetown where the ruling party had just concluded a Congress for party delegates (00:30-02:04)
3. The police strike that began in Suriname two weeks ago is over. It came a few hours before a judge was about to file a lawsuit on behalf of the Government. The lawsuit was deemed illegal by the Government. Steven Van Felix reporting from Paramaribo, says the police ended the strike and will reactivate all units that were part of it (02:05-04:53)
4. Three men on board a Barbados fishing vessel, off the coast of St. Vincent, have been arrested after a British Navy vessel retrieved 100 bags of marijuana weighing 550lbs. A navy spokesman said the drugs were recovered in international waters after being dumped overboard. The Navy ship is in the Caribbean for a counter drugs operation (04:54-05:25)
5. A rescue mission has turned into a recovery effort for the bodies of two men who were part of a party of five on a plane. The plane crashed of the Coast of the Bahamas. The United States Coast Guard has recovered the mutilated bodies of the other three. The aircraft was on its way to Palm Beach Florida from Freeport in the Bahamas. Jerome Sawyer, reports (05:26-06:56)
6. The government of Grenada has come to the assistance of the of St. Lucia, in what is being considered a clear threat to National Security. The primary threat is at the Main Bridge Street Prison, where there is a history of violent uprisings. St. Lucia sought the assistance of Grenada after they discovered plans for a major jailbreak. The Grenada Marine Police transferred eleven prisoners involved inn the uprisings to the Richmond Hill Prison (06:56-09:05)
7. Johnson and Johnson, an American Company is in the focus of the US Food and Drug Association, (FDA) for alleged irregularities at a Puerto Rico plant. Ben Meade reports that it is unclear what is in the FDA report (09:09-10:44)
8. Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, is proposing to build a Natural Gas pipeline to supply the Eastern Caribbean. David Renwick, a Trinidadian Energy Columnist in the Trinidad Guardian, says to Karen Weir that it is impractical, and it will not serve the purpose intended (10:48-13:38)
9. Ken Richards reports that some OECS countries have opted to recognise the Republic of China over Taiwan. Taiwan is accusing China of playing dollar Diplomacy to steal away its allies (13:39-15:28)