Caribbean Report 13-08-1993



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2. Jamaica’s Minister of Finance, Hugh Small has resigned over disagreement on how the Jamaican dollar should be handled. An official statement from Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson says that Mr. Small resigned because he does not see himself the ideal person to conduct a review of the government’s social and economic programs. However, Mr. Small released the contents of the letter he sent to Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson in which he complained of an inordinate delay on the part of Cabinet to approve critical portions of his recently presented budget. He also alluded to a feeling of general lack of confidence that is displayed towards him and his handling of the foreign exchange market. There is also speculation that Mr. Small is stepping out of politics to make way for a by-election to fill his seat. Interviews with Edward Seaga, Opposition Leader and Errol Gregory, Editor of Jamaica’s Money Index Magazine. Gary Allen reports (00:37-08:54)
3. Costa Rica has distanced itself from the Latin American countries which criticized CARICOM for seeking to improve relations with Cuba. Costa Rica’s Chancellor, Bernd Niehus said that his country respected the sovereign decision by CARICOM to re-establish relations with Cuba. Speaker – Ralph Maraj, Foreign Affairs Minister, Trinidad and Tobago. Interview with Louis Wiltshire, Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador to CARICOM (08:55-12:18)
4. In cricket, England’s first inning closed at 334 for 6 in the second day of the 1st test against the West Indies’ Youth Team. In reply, West Indies were 141 for 3 of 57 overs at the closed of play. Brij Parasnauth reports (12:19-13:32)
5. There has been a new angle to the Joy Gardner’s story which appeared in the London Evening Standard. The paper reported on the side of the story from Joy Gardner’s best friend, Nellie Sterling who says that Joy Gardner was resigned to be deported to Jamaica and was looking forward to see her family. Her solicitor also indicated that that there being no notification, which is a breach of deportation procedures. According to Mrs. Sterling, Joy Gardner’s husband had given an ultimatum to her to give up her son or end their marriage. When she had chosen her son, her husband reported her to Immigration Authorities, had file for divorce and had been responsible for giving both the police and the British Press an impression of a violent woman who did not want to return to her native, Jamaica. Joy Gardner died when police tried to hold her to take her to the airport for deportation to Jamaica (13:33-14:33)
6. Recap of the Headlines (14:34-15:03)