Caribbean Report 18-04-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:34)
2. Brian Lara, the 24 year old Trinidadian batsman has broken the 36 year test record in a historic innings of 375 against England in Antigua today. Lara broke Sir Gary Sobers record of 365 not out against Pakistan in 1958. Lara talks about how he feels about his achievement; Gary Sobers comments on Lara’s record breaking performance; Joey Carew, Lara’s mentor talks about his initial reaction to Lara’s record breaking score (00:35-05:31)
3. Brian Lara is expected to play cricket in Warwick. The Warwickshire manager Dennis Amos who signed Brian Lara for a one year contract, comments on Brian’s achievement and discusses why he signed Brian Lara to his team. He talks about his expectation for Brian Lara as he plays for his team. Michael Pryce reports (05:32-07:57)
4. The Barbadian cricketer, Andy Ifill who arrived in Britain to play in Somerset Leagues has been deported my immigration officials in Gatwick airport. Ifill accused the officials of racism. The English cricket club Ifill played with said they will appeal to the local members of parliament to fight the decision of Ifill’s deportation (07:58-08:23)
5. One member of the Haitian football team and a Haitian journalist travelling with group are seeking asylum in Trinidad. The rest of the sixteen man football team said they are prepared to return home and arrangements are being made. The advice being given to two persons is that Port-of-Spain is the first step in their application for asylum in the United States. Yvette Collymore reports (08:24-08:50)
6. US lawmakers will be discussing legislation on Haiti in the Senate. Actors from Hollywood including Susan Sarandon, Spike Lee, Robin Williams and Quincy Jones will be in Washington hoping that legislation will be changed (08:51-10:54)
7. The distinguished author Sam Selvon died on Saturday, he was 70 years old. Journalist Leslie Geoff takes a look at the life of this distinguished author and one of the Caribbean’s leading literary figures. This segment includes excerpts from Selvon’s work. John Morose from New Beacon Books and Ian Adams , the Head of the English Department at the University of Calgary, reflects on Sam Selvon’s literary contribution (10:55-14:16)
Recap of headlines & theme music (14:17-14:46)