Caribbean Report 13-10-1995


In this report a form of electoral accommodation in Trinidad is threatening the chances of the ruling People's National Movement (PNM) holding on to power. Leader of the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR), A.N.R. Robinson and Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday of the United National Congress (UNC), began talks on unity in order to fight the monolith that is the PNM. In Jamaica, Edward Seaga, Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and former JLP Chairman Bruce Golding quarrel about who controls the Central St. Catherine seat. In the US there is growing concern over the Million Man March in Washington by black American men. However, the real controversy is over the march organizer Louis Farrakhan, a radical black Muslim leader. The Trade Union Congress, one of Britain's largest trade unions, has pointed to high levels of racial discrimination within Britain's labour market. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Adam Markham comments that more should be done to protect the environment from the hurricanes that ravage the Caribbean region. In cricket, the West Indies face an uphill task to make it to the finals following their second defeat to Pakistan. Team manager Andy Roberts talks about what went wrong. In Haiti residents are gearing up to celebrate a year since President Jean Bertrand Aristide was restored to office.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Ken Richards (00:00-00:30)
2. A united opposition in Trinidad threatens the ruling party's hold on power (00:31-02:55)
3. The Jamaica Labour Party quarrels over Bruce Golding's seat - who will take control ? (02:56-05:29)
4. There is growing concern and controversy over the planned Million Man March in Washington (05:30-09:31)
5. One of Britain's largest trade unions has drawn attention to the high level of racial discrimination in Britain's labour market (09:32-10:12)
6. The WWF is disturbed by the environmental damage resulting from the many hurricanes which have affected the Caribbean region (10:13-12:32)
7. The West Indies manager Andy Roberts answers the question just who is to blame for the battering of the Windies cricket team (12:33-14:50)
8. Residents in Haiti prepare to celebrate a year since the restoration of President Aristide to office (14:51-15:10)