Caribbean Report 09-02-2001

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Wheare, Karen (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Moore, Boysie (interviewee)
Niles, Bertram (anchor)
Laurie, Keith (interviewee)
Hayes, Richie (interviewee)
Cave, Stephen (interviewee)
Douglas, Denzil (interviewee)
Joseph, Emma (correspondent)
Richards, Ken (correspondent)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. Trinidad sugar workers call off their industrial action. President General of the All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers Union Boysie Moore is interviewed (00:32-03:14)
3. Meanwhile in Barbados, the country's facing its own crisis in the sugar industry after centuries of economic clout their sugar industry in common with other Caribbean producers is at the crossroads. Barbados Agriculturist Senator Keith Laurie and Former Finance Minister Dr Richie Haynes and Chairman of the Private Sector, Barbados Sugar Industry Lt. Colonel Stephen Cave are interviewed. Bertrand Niles reports from Barbados (03:15-06:11)
4. Prime Minister Denzel Douglas welcomes the support of Democrat Senator Hillary Clinton in the region's battle to get off the OECD blacklist. Prime Minister Denzil Douglas is interviewed and Emma Joseph and Ken Richards report (06:12-11:45))
5. Following Fidel Castro's controversial comments would relations between Cuba and Argentina ever be the same? BBC Latin American Specialist Miguel Molina reports (11:46-14:52)
6. Guyana's President Bharath Jagdeo has signed a proclamation officially fixing March 19th, 2001 as the date for elections (14:53-15:28)