Caribbean Report 17-07-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Cuba confirms arresting four dissidents, the action draws condemnation from a leading exile group in Miami. Miguel Alfonso, Foreign Ministry spokesman and Mariella Ferretti, the Human Rights Co-ordinator of the Cuban American National Foundation are interviewed. Tom Gibb reports (00:28-04:55)
3. Montserratians are interviewed and reflect on two years of volcanic activity. (04:56-06:17)
4. The Organization for Economic Co-operation says China has become the second biggest recipient of foreign investment after the United States. Peter King, Chairman of Jamaica Textile and Apparel Institute is interviewed (06:18-07:36)
5. The Clinton administration said that the North American Free Trade Agreement had a marginally positive impact on the United States economy but labour and some trade unions hold a different view. Richard Burnell, Jamaica Ambassador to Washington is interviewed (07:37-11:28)
6. It is three years since Nelson Mandela's ANC came into power in South Africa, ending four decades of apartheid. However, white South Africans are now complaining that they no longer feel at home. Stephen Friedman is interviewed and E. Smith reports (11:29-15:20)