Implementing Completion and Results report TF0A2937 on a small recipient executed trust fund grant in the amount of US$2 million to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Commission for the support to implementation of the Regional Education Strategy Project.


This report consists of four components. Component 1: Curriculum and Assessment (US$396,500 at approval; US$292,868 actual), Component 2: Teacher Professional Development (US$1,115,000 at approval; US$976,694 actual), Component 3: Improve School Leadership and Accountability (US$209,000 at approval; US$240,655 actual), and Component 4: Project Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (US$279,500 at approval; US$265,322 actual).


The objectives of the Project are to: (i) use quality learning standards to support evidence based teaching and learning at the primary level; (ii) improve teacher practices at the primary level; (iii) strengthen primary school leadership and accountability and (iv) initiate the strengthening of sector monitoring and evaluation capacity in support of evidence-based strategic management and decision-making, all in the Member Countries.

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