Caribbean Report 05-11-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:20)
2. At least five people die in Cuba as Hurricane Michelle whips through the island (00:21-02:07)
3. Rivers of rain and surging sea water flowed through downtown Nassau as Hurricane Michelle rolled through the islands of the Bahamas (02:08-04:32)
5. St. Lucians brace for elections as Prime Minister Kenny Anthony announces that the polls will be held before December 31st (06:05-08:52)
6. Caribbean ministers and trade experts meet with ACP counterparts in Brussels ahead of the WTO meeting in Doha Qatar. OECS Ambassador in Brussels Edwin Laurent highlights their concerns (08:53-12:25)
7. The Bahamas will not attend the WTO meeting as a cost cutting measure (12:26-12:43)
8. Head of the International Monetary Fund Horst Kohler says the IMF can’t take the blame for the failure of regional economies. Barbados Prime Minster Owen Arthur responds (12:44-15:28)