Caribbean Report 07-06-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:23)
2. Trinidad and Tobago Commissioner of Prisons reviews the recent hangings carried out in Trinidad and Tobago. Nine men were hanged for the 1994 murder of a family of four. Authorities rejected pleas for clemency arguing that the hangings were a deterrent against crimes. Ken Richards interviews Tony Fraser on the resumption of in Trinidad and Tobago. Jamaican Prime Minister PJ Patterson discusses how Jamaica can follow the example in Trinidad and Tobago and execute forty four death row prisoners. Sociologist Sheila Stewart argues that life imprisonment without parole is a viable option and appeals to the region to adopt this option. Jamaican nationals speak out on the issue (00: 24 - 06:11)
3. Netherlands Antilles Finance Minister sounded ominous warnings on the financial situation in the Dutch Caribbean advising that imminent measures may include, drastic cost cutting, retrenchment and tax hikes. Mike Jarvis reports (06:12 - 07:53)
4. The world’s richest industrialised nations are criticised for not going far enough in assisting poorer countries financially. The London based organisation Jubilee 2000 is campaigning for debt relief and debt cancellation in developing nations. Ken Richards interviews the Deputy Director of Jubilee 2000 Adrian Lovett on what form of relief is expected from the Group of 8 industrialized nations (07: 54 - 10 :28)
5. Education Ministers from the Eastern Caribbean at a meeting made the decision to expedite the issue of education reform in the OECS. There was commitment to ensure universal secondary education for all, all countries adopt the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Exam (CAPE) replacing the Cambridge exams, and maintain a standard approach to the associate degree. Curtis Matthews reports (10:29 - 11:52)
6. Haitian journalists are marching in the capital Port–au-Prince to protest police brutality and press intimidation (11:53 - 12:16)
7. West Indies failed in the bid to make it to the super 6 of the World Cup Cricket series. Cricket fans advance reasons why the team lost the series. Chelston Lee reports (12:17 - 15: 26)