Caribbean Report 07-01-1994

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The British Broadcasting Corporation


Reports on the call by the Opposition Labour party for a watchdog immigration system following the December 21st decision to detain 190 Jamaican passengers on a chartered flight to Britain. The report also examines the isolation of Jean Bertrand Aristide by politicians in Washington. In addition it looks at the roots of the crime situation in Barbados.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. The Opposition government in Britain is calling for the setting up of a watchdog system to deal with immigration issues following the detaining of 190 passengers on a chartered flight from Jamaica to London. Yvette Rowe Interviews Graham Allen, Shadow Home Affairs Minister about why there is need for a new appeals system. Allen believes that there is need for a watchdog g system with the power to put cases right (00:29-4:04)
3. A letter regarding the immigration issue which appeared in the Times newspaper, is read by its author, Solomon Malcolm. And relatives and friends of persons detained on the flight from Jamaica were meeting in order put together an action plan to get an inquiry into the incident (4:05-5:05)
4. Discusses the growing unpopularity of exiled President Jean Bertrand Aristide in Washington. Features an interview with journalist Michael Norton in Port au Prince, who talks about the military government’s views on the conference being organized by Jean Bertrand Aristide and what the military government hopes will come out of the conference (5:06-7:09)
5. Interview with Former U.S. Ambassador Robert White, Centre for International Policy, discusses the structure of the conference which would include the military but the refugee status will be downgraded on the conference agenda (7:09-9:10)
6. In this segment Yvette Rowe talks about the report on the banana regime which is set to go before the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade later in the month in Geneva. It is an independent survey which looks at the claims presented by banana producers in the Caribbean, African and Pacific Latin America for access to the European market (9:11-9:38)
7. The crime situation in Barbados on the rise so Orville Durant interviews the Commissioner of Police in Barbados about the situation (9:39-14:40)
8. Theme music (14:41-14:47)