Caribbean Report 24-07-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Warren Gordon (00:00-00:26)
2. Windwards' Prime Minister has considered plans to halt the decline in the Caribbean banana industry. Prime Ministers Kenny Anthony and Keith Mitchell are interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (00:27-04:19)
3. The United States and its Latin American allies are threatening to reopen their legal challenge to the amended EU banana protocol. It could mean going back to the drawing board. Former President of the Windwards Banana Association Keith Marquis is interviewed (04:20-06:54)
4. Puerto Rico rethinks its relationship with the United States. In the US, the late Martin Luther King, Jr is famous not just for his contribution to the American Civil Rights Movement but for his oratory "I Have a Dream" his most famous speech. A United States judge has decided that the rights to that speech lies with the American people and not the family of Dr King. Law Professor at the University of California, Berkeley Stephen Barnett is interviewed (06:55-11:17)
5. Jamaica has launched a programme to eradicate the screwworm. Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke is interviewed and Carol Orr reports (11:18-12:54)
6. The University of the West Indies is accused of not serving the Eastern Caribbean. Cindi John reports (12:55-15:25)