Caribbean Report 12-07-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:43)
2. The Netherlands is to resume its development aid to Suriname following a joint announcement in The Hague via Suriname's Vice President Henck Arron and Dutch Development Cooperation Minister Piet Bukman. Stephen Flay reports (00:44-02:23)
3. The United States Senate has confirmed the nomination of Mr. "Chic" Hecht as the next American Ambassador to the Bahamas. Adrian Porter reports (02:24-03:26)
4. Financial news - The Chairman of the Grenada Nutmeg Association, Norris James is confident that the Nutmeg Accord will remain firm. Speaking in London ahead of talks in Indonesia, Mr. James said that this nutmeg pact is very different from the others (03:27-05:07)
5. One of the main European buyers of Grenadian nutmeg is the Dutch Trading Company, Catz International. They import just under 2,00 tonnes from Grenada annually. The company's Managing Director, Klaas Huitema has been meeting with Norris James who also intends to be in the important talks in Indonesia as he strongly supports guarantee prices. Pat Whitehorne interviews Klaas Huitema (05:08-07:31)
6. A national strike in Britain has brought 42 ports to a halt. The dispute is over the breakup of a national registration scheme for Dockers which guarantees pay condition and is likely to be a long one. All the ports which were part of the scheme are likely to be affected including Liverpool which handles much of the Cargo bound for the Caribbean (07:32-09:35)
7. President Fidel Castro of Cuba has added his support for the death sentences passed between General Otero and three other officials convicted of drug trafficking. Cuban television has reported Mr. Castro's first publicized comments on the scandal which has rocked Havana. The BBC's Alan Tomlinson reports (09:36-11:03)
8. Britain has officially moved into a new age of wind-power with the announcement of the Central Electricity Generating Board. It intends to build 25 wind turbines in West Wales. The video presentation at the CEGB's press launch revealed that the inspiration for this new drive comes in part from the Caribbean, in particular Barbados. Jerry Timmins reports (11:04:14:59)