Caribbean Report 05-06-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Electra Naysmith (00:00-00:21)
2. In St. Lucia, the United Workers Party encountered a fresh obstacle on the road to its annual convention to elect a new leadership. Pete Ninvalle reports on the leadership race (00:22-02:04)
3. The Attorney Generals of the Caribbean have concluded their four-day meeting where they finalized an agreement on the Caribbean Court of Justice. Interview with Jamaica's Attorney General Arnold Nicholson (02:05-03:49)
4. Nevis' Leader Vance Amory is in London on the start of an European tour to have discussions with a constitutional lawyer on the development of a constitution for Nevis as the island seeks independence (03:50-06:52)
5. The French National Assembly has voted unanimously for modification of the European Commission's proposals on changes to the region's banana protocol. Geraldine Coughlan reports (06:53-08:01)
6. Former US National Security Advisor Anthony Lake arrived in Haiti to try and help resolve the political crisis there. Ernest Preeg comments on the issue (08:02-10:01)
7. Cuban exiles in Miami are claiming three members of an anti-Castro organization who landed secretly in Cuba last week, have been arrested. Tom Gibb reports that the expedition seemed to have offered little military threat to the Cuban authorities (10:02-11:54)
8. The Jamaican football squad has finally arrived in France for the World Cup and the Reggae Boyz will be the first Caribbean team to grace the World Cup stage. Simon Crosskill reports (11:55-15:12)