Caribbean Report 10-12-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Apprehension in Montserrat because of creased volcanic activity. Governor Frank Savage is interviewed (00:27-03:33)
3. Banana farmers in St. Lucia can expect to receive market prices after Christmas. Chairman of the St. Lucia Banana Association Rupert Gajadhar is interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (03:34-06:10)
4. Challenges ahead for Tobago's newly elected Assembly. Political Analyst Winford James and Attorney Rennie Dumas are interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (06:11-08:37)
5. Caricom States are keeping close watch on the UN Secretary General issue. Guyana's Foreign Minister Clement Rohee is interviewed and Rob Watson reports (08:38-12:34)
6. Guyana's President Dr Cheddi Jagan has dismissed as off target Opposition concerns that a 1997 exercise involving non-combatant American troops will amount to interference in an election year. Dr Cheddi Jagan is interviewed (12:35-13:44)
7. The proposed Association of Caribbean States Free Trade Zone is under discussion in Havana. Rosie Hayes reports (13:45-15:25)