Caribbean Report 11-02-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:25)
2. The seventy-seven (77) year old Lord Kitchener succumb to his fight against a rare blood disease in a hospital in Mount Hope. He was admitted to the Eric Williams Medical Centre 11 days ago and was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. (00:26-03:34)
3. Prime Minister Basdeo Panday’s relationship with the media is under the microscope from groups such as Amnesty International and Caribbean Justice. Caribbean Justice is outraged by Panday’s use of inflammatory language in the local media and his treatment of local media professionals. (03:35-05:54)
4. Farmers in the Windward Islands are told by the National Farmers Association to be cautious of deals offered by WIBDECO to buy fruit directly from them. The Association is of the view that the offer by WIBDECO is not genuine. (05:55-07:28)
5. Several developments have taken place in the trial at Paradise Island in the Bahamas. McIntosh pleaded not guilty to the murder of 24 year old British tourist Joan Clarke. (07:29-09:00)
6. An outbreak of gastroenteritis in Jamaica has taken the lives of 10 children and thousands are suffering from the virus. Jamaican officials are objecting to the high figures, which they believe do not truly reflect the number of cases. (09:01-10)
7. South Africa is commemorating the release of Nelson of Mandela from prison 10 years ago. The opening of a small museum in a small village in Eastern Cape signaled the start of the celebrations. (10:45-15:29)