Caribbean Report 19-04-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:31)
2. Jamaica was hit by a wave of demonstrations triggered by a government hike in gas taxes. Police used tear gas on protestors barricading roads with burning tires and debris. Schools have been suspended, business places closed and there are reports of widespread looting in Montego Bay and Kingston. Carol Orr reports (00: 32 - 02: 27)
3. Trinidad and Tobago National Security Ministry is investigating the circumstances which led to the murder suicide incident at the home of Prime Minister Basdeo Panday. Tony Fraser reports (02: 28 - 04: 05)
4. A man claiming to represent an extreme rightwing group Combat 18 long associated with racist views planted a nail bomb in Brixton south London. Several persons were injured in the incident. British correspondent Dominic Hughes reports (02: 29 - 05: 30)
5. A delegation of Caribbean leaders fly to Europe and the US this month to lobby for Caribbean interest in the final leg of the banana trade war. This lobbying effort follows a ruling by the World Trade Organization to allow the US to impose sanctions on selected European Union goods. Saint Vincent Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell discusses the trade ruling. BBC Claire Doyle and business correspondent Richard Quest, and Debbie Ransome provide an in-depth report (04: 06 - 15: 28)