Caribbean Report 06-08-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Concern in Trinidad and Tobago about the number of street children being used in pornographic films and sometimes killed. Tony Fraser reports (00:37-02:25)
3. The United Nations says there has been an increase in complaints about human rights abuses in Haiti carried out by the newly created police force. Executive Director of the Washington Office in Haiti Mark Aristide is interviewed (02:26-04:59)
4. Suriname's four party ruling coalition forged an alliance earlier today with two smaller parties in a last minute bid to stay in power (05:00-06:00)
5. Fidel Castro tells US students drug traffickers on his island are under control. Two United States students are interviewed and Rosie Hayes reports (06:01-08:38)
6. The environmental group Greenpeace says it is concerned about the passage through the Caribbean of a ship loaded with Japanese nuclear waste. Greenpeace spokesman David Morgan is interviewed (08:39-11:42)
7. All inclusives do they fence off locals or do they provide much needed jobs? We go to St. Lucia to pose that question. Gordon 'Butch' Stewart, Scandals Resource Chairman is interviewed (11:43-15:26)