Caribbean Report 06-08-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Archbishop of the West Indies, Drexel Gomez says the election by the American Episcopal Church of its first openly gay bishop threatens the Anglican Communion’s survival. Hostile reactions also came from Caribbean, African and Asian Bishops. Mike Jarvis reports (00:33-02:08)
3. Bishop elect Gene Robinson disagrees that gay sex violates scripture. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, Head of the Church of England foresees difficult days. In Africa, the Archbishop of Cape Town, Njongonkulu Ndungane says correct voting procedures were followed. In the Caribbean, Bishop Sehon Goodridge disagrees with putting culture before scripture (02:09-06:30)
4. The International Monetary Fund intends to offer a use financial lifeline to the Dominican Republic. The 618 million dollar loan recommendation follows the recent collapse of the country’s second largest bank allegedly caused by fraud and embezzlement. Agustín Carstens, the IMF’s Deputy Managing Director predicts an improved economy (06:31-07:06)
5. A new prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles is expected to be sworn in. Mirna Godett has been nominated for the post by her brother, Prime Minister in waiting, Anthony Godett. He has also recommended his mother for the job. Mr. Godett is the leader of the Liberation Front Party. Joe Dominique has the story (07:07-09:23)
6. A recent ruling ends the US visa exemption arrangement for in transit passengers which will leave hundreds of athletes stranded after the Pan American Games in the Dominican Republic. Many of them are without US travel documents. The Head of the United States delegation to the Games is assisting (09:24-10:00)
7. Caribbean airports will soon introduce scanners to help target potential cocaine couriers coming through British airports. London's Foreign and Commonwealth Office is providing the high tech equipment for eight airports after a successful experiment in Jamaica. Ken Richards reports (10:01-11:29)
8. Through an open letter, Cuban exiles living in Miami express their disappointment with the Bush administration policy towards Cuba. They want more financial aid for dissidents in Cuba and have criticised laws under which Cubans interdicted at sea, are sent back (11:30-12:04)
9. The three Tobago fishermen who went missing at sea for almost five weeks are rescued. The trio were found adrift by the Mexican military on the Caribbean coast off the Yucatán Peninsula. Lisa Ramsook, sister of one of the fishermen, expresses her gratitude (12:05-15:09)
10. Reggae star Jimmy Cliff is awarded Jamaica’s third highest national honour, the Order of Merit. The announcement was made as Jamaicans celebrate the country’s forty-first anniversary of independence (15:10-15:33)