Caribbean Report 13-08-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Caribbean members of the ACP Group are seeking over $30 million from the European community as additional funding for regional projects to be financed under the Lome IV Convention. Ministers in the ACP Caribbean forum met in Barbados to finalize the regional projects to be submitted to the EEC. Sandra Baptiste reports with comments from St. Lucia’s Trade Minister George Mallet and Head of Suriname delegation Ambassador John Korlada (00:33-04:24)
3. Caribbean Conference of Churches has received a hard-hitting report condemning the inhumane conditions of Haitians migrants in the Dominican Republic and also highlights the use of force in the deportation programme. Debbie Ransome interviews CCC Rev. Allan Kirton who calls on Caricom and international organizations to take action in this matter (04:25-07:01)
4. President of Cuba’s National Assembly, Juan Escalona, talks about the possibility of a move towards multi-party politics in Cuba and wants the United States to back away from its confrontational stance over the island. David Young reports from Havana (07:02-08:46)
5. The West Indies cricket team is praised for their performance on the field and their conduct during the recently concluded series against England. Hugh Crosskill reports that in a recent article by David Frith, Editor of Wisden Magazine, the West Indies team is referred to as “the most unpopular team in the world [and] their game is built on vengeance, violence and arrogance”. Comments from England’s captain Graham Gooch, Ted Dexter Chairman of the England Selectors, David Frith and Captain of the West Indies Vivian Richards (08:47-12:33)
6. Netherlands Antilles attorney-at-law, Michael Bijkerk, has ended his hunger strike in protest against increasing police brutality in the islands of the Dutch Caribbean which resulted in the formation of a committee to investigate the charges. Interview with Michael Bijkerk (12:34-14:53)