Caribbean Report 08-08-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Montserrat's Chief Minister makes the case for the prompt delivery of British aid as the Soufrière Hills volcano dumps more ash on the island. Chief Minister of Montserrat, Bertrand Osbourne is interviewed and Keith Stone Greaves reports (00:28-06:31)
3. An American couple walk free of a murder charge in St. Vincent. James Fletcher and Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves are interviewed. Moya Thomas reports (06:32-09:32)
4. Jamaican Prime Minister PJ Patterson has turned down the request for international observers at the country's next general election. Bruce Golding, Opposition National Democratic President is interviewed (09:33-11:02)
5. Haiti's prime minister designate Ericq Pierre speaks at a news conference in Port-au-Prince. He is holding discussions with political parties, the business sector and the unions in his bid for support. Michael Norton reports (11:03-13:38)
6. Ato Boldon brings home gold. Ato Boldon is interviewed. David Brewster, Sports Editor of the Express reports (13:39-15:27)