Caribbean Report 24-05-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Tourism development has been stifled by regional governments’ failure to act on the free movement of skills and capital. That was the message delivered by John Issa, Chairman of Super Clubs, a hotel chain in Jamaica, at the annual meeting of the Caribbean Private Sector Conference in Barbados. Comments from John Issa, Chairman of Super Club, Jamaica. Sandra Baptiste interviews Yesu Persaud, President of the Guyana Manufacturers Association and Wayne Kirton, President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (00:31-02:54)
3. The Caribbean Hotel Association has continued its criticism of the cruise ship industry for a level playing field at the annual Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce meeting in Barbados. Comments from Royston Hopkin, Vice President of the Caribbean Hotel Association (02:55-04:53)
4. Russia and Cuba are working to rebuild their trade relationship on a commercial rather than a political basis. The two countries signed a memorandum which will open the Russian market to Cuban goods. Brian Jarmon reports (04:54-06:44)
5. The Puerto Rico Banking Association supports last week's decision by the US to suspend most 963 lending to the Caribbean. The bankers warn that a scaled down 963 Programme as planned by the Clinton’s administration could lead to the Caribbean being phased out. Interview with the President of the Puerto Rico Banking Association (06:45-10:00)
6. UN Special Envoy to Haiti, Dante Caputo returned to Port-au-Prince hoping to seek approval for the deployment of an international police force. He was accompanied by President Clinton’s Special Advisor, Lawrence Pezzullo. William Spindler reports (10:01-11:49)
7. A carrier, the Pacific Pintail bearing around ninety tons of spent nuclear fuel and travelling under a British flag was today crossing the Caribbean waters. It was trailed by the MV Gondwana, a ship belonging to the international environment group, Greenpeace. Interview with Tom Clement, Environmentalist of Greenpeace (11:50-14:46)